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Business oppportunity

After decades of working with those diagnosed with mental illness and also being someone with a diagnoses, Jo realized the loved ones closely involved in the life of someone with a diagnoses were being severley underserved. Jo was looking to take her depth of experience and techniques, and build an impactful brand for a coaching business to serve those who need that support.

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Ideal Client Persona

Grandma opens her eyes, and says to herself “Rise and shine, today’s is going to be a great day!” It’s Wednesday and she’s finally completed that project for work, even a little early. She then shifts to thinking about her granddaughter, Peyton, and the doctor’s appointment she has today.


Grandma wonders and begins to worry if Peyton has transportation figured out. “Is it that friend who is is taking her? I’ve never liked that girl.” Her thoughts begin to spiral and soon she is calling Peyton to check in, but Peyton doesn’t answer causing all sorts of thoughts and worries to kick in.


As she settles into work, her phone rings. It’s Peyton. “Hi Grandma! You called?”...“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I’ve been worried sick. I just can’t do this anymore Peyton. I love you but you have got to start taking your meds on time and getting yourself together.”


Fortunately, Peyton hangs up and doesn’t say all the horrible, hurtful things she is thinking.


At the end of the work day, Grandma gets a text from Peyton---”I got a new job. My friend drove me to pick up my uniform and sign papers today. That’s where I was when you called this morning. My doctor appointment is tomorrow.”


Yet, the saga continues. ALL created by a well-meaning, worried, at her wit’s end, guilt-ridden, shame-filled Grandma who assumes she is the one who can control Peyton’s behavior, but instead is creating the behaviors and stigmatizing her granddaughter. Grandma knows she cannot continue this way and desperately needs support and direction from an outside source who has been in the trenches and truly understands. She is willing to do whatever it takes, big or small, to make things better for her and Peyton.

Brand Statement

I empower individuals and families who are in the midst of chaos and overwhelm of a relationship with someone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness to rediscover a joy for living by first connecting to their own desires, embracing a new perspective and enabling them to experience the beauty in their own lives and the lives of others

Vision Statement

To Guide People Into An Intentional, Joyful Life of
Their Own

Brand Position

Beauty In Imperfection

Transformation Promise

Emerge From The Chaos — Rediscover A Joy For Living


It's Time For A New Perspective — Reach Out

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Created as a leave behind in waiting rooms in response to the request from crisis centers and other mental health organizations who wanted the families of their clients to have an opportunity to learn about Thistle Coaching and the services Jo could provide them during a critical time.

Post Card | One-Day Intensive

“Thank you so much for all you are doing!
This is going to be Spectacular!”


Jo Tonnesen  |  Founder of Thistle Coaching  |  Greer, SC

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